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Renewable energy transmission lines planned for Queensland

Electricity Transmission LinesThe Queensland Resources Council (QRC) claims it will cost $1 billion to construct transmission lines linking Mount Isa to Townsville, but will create 1,800 jobs in the region.

BIS Shrapnel has prepared the report Developing a Resource Corridor jointly commissioned by North Queensland regional development group MITEZ, Townsville Enterprise, Queensland Resources Council and local governments across the region.

The BIS Shrapnel report concludes that constructing the transmission line would enable North Queensland to become a renewable energy corridor for the state with significant potential.

Queensland Resources Council chief executive Michael Roche was confident that the proposed transmission line is a viable investment that will not only provide for the state’s renewable energy needs in the future, but will create a much needed boost to jobs in the corridor.

“The report’s key finding is the jobs dividend to north Queensland of the region’s renewable energy potential,”

“A transmission line from Townsville to Mount Isa would open opportunities for a host of renewable energy resources including wind, solar thermal, geothermal, bagasse and biofuels, along with coal seam gas and shale oil.” Mr Roche Said.

With the corridor ripe with opportunity to exploit renewable energy resources, it is seen as necessary to link this corridor to the rest of the network to allow the state to meet its commitment to reduce its carbon footprint by one third by 2020 as well as assist in the Federal Government’s commitment to a 20 percent renewable energy target by the same year.

“Queensland has a unique opportunity to build a transmission link to service the energy needs of the mining industry and build it to a scale to support a brand new renewable energy generation sector,” Mr Roche said.

Mines and industry are potential target customers for the renewable energy from the corridor.

“The clock’s ticking on this initiative because existing industries in the North West need to know if a transmission link is going to be built this year.”

“The link may need a modest investment from governments to ensure that it provides the least-cost solution to existing resource customers but it’s an investment that will be repaid many times with the opening up of renewable energy generation opportunities.” Said Mr Roche.

‘The challenge for governments is to provide enough of a funding top-up, to secure a transmission solution so that renewable energy can flourish in Queensland,”

For the full Developing a Resource Corridor report, click here.

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