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Protect your company from fired employees: Eight steps

Use this checklist after terminating an employee to ensure that you, your employees, and your company remain secure.

It happens to every growing business at some point. Despite your best efforts during the hiring process a few individuals will get through that ultimately are not a good fit for your organisation.

So despite your efforts to make these square pegs fit into the round holes of your organisation, termination is inevitable. But what happens when you decide to let someone go? It is not as simple as deleting them from payroll and saying goodbye.

There are other factors which must be accounted for. Here’s a quick checklist for you to use after you have terminated the square peg:

1.  Letter of Obligations

A letter should be dispatched to the former employee reminding him or her of their continuing obligations under any employment agreement or otherwise that was in effect as a condition of their employment (e.g. proprietary and confidential information, non-compete agreements, etc.).

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