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Optus introduces rollover data for prepaid plan

Optus is introducing the rollover of unused data as part of a new prepaid plan.

From July 5, the My Prepaid Monthly Plus prepaid plan will allow you to keep the unused mobile data that would usually be reset once the monthly reboot comes along.

The new plan starts from $30 for 1.5GB over a 30-day period, with data rolling on all recharges. Just don’t expect to be able to gather an infinite amount of data; Optus has placed a still-decent rollover capacity of 10GB.

“Prepaid customers’ data usage varies month to month – they might consume a whole lot streaming sporting events one month and far less on holidays during another month,” Tim Cowan, Director of Mobile Marketing, Optus, said in a statement.

“We asked prepaid customers across the country and 82 per cent told us they don’t use all their data every month.”

It’s also important to note that you will have to recharge before expiry if you want the data to rollover, so don’t wait past expiry date and assume that unused data is still there somewhere.

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