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New online polling service great for business

The Global Poll have announced a new online polling service, designed to allow any person or business to reach a global group of opinion leaders and gain valuable market research.

The Global Poll concept was developed by telecoms-industry expert Bruce Mott, to enable people to get instant feedback on a variety of topics, and allow businesses to “generate conversation and gain market research” from their target audience.

Pollsters are required to register for the free service and submit their poll ideas on a variety of different topics. The first round of polls are due to go live on Tuesday May 12, with numerous polls running on: Business Finance & Employment, Current Affairs, Entertainment & Arts, Environment, Food & Travel, General Interest, Health, Sport and Recreation, Politics & Society and Science & Technology.

With so many people jumping online for quick and easy information, founder Mott believes this service will be beneficial to both businesses and individuals, allowing them to share information quickly and lead the conversation through question and answers generated in real-time.

Already a number of poll ideas have been submitted including Rudd’s stimulus package, global warming and the recession.

For more information, please visit The Global Poll website

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