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Microsoft adds to Australian Open coverage

Microsoft will be serving up an exciting addition to live TV coverage of the Australian Open.

The new Windows 7 SNAP feature will feature within live broadcasts of tennis matches on Channel 7.

As one of the most popular Windows 7 features, SNAP simplifies life by making it easier and more intuitive to navigate, arrange and work with multiple windows on the desktop. SNAP allows you to drag an open window to the border of the screen to automatically resize, and snap two different windows to the left and right borders for a perfect comparison.

The integrated marketing approach showcases how Windows 7 can be used outside of the home. Throughout the broadcast, Channel 7 will use the SNAP feature to compare and contrast action replays, shot by shot using the split screen approach.

SNAP will also bring to life fashion on the field, multi-angle replays, head-to-head profiles and hurtling serves in stunning freeze frame vision.

You can watch SNAP in action at the Australian Open on Channel 7 until January 31.

Jen Bishop

Jen Bishop

Jen was the publisher at Loyalty Media and editor of Dynamic Business, Australia's largest circulating small business magazine, from 2008 until 2012. She is now a full-time blogger at The Interiors Addict.

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