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iSystemize helps businesses train staff

Australian businesses struggling to train their staff can now create their own procedural systems, with the release of system technology iSystemize.staff training

ISystemize is a package of DVD tutorials and electronic equipment that allows business owners to create their own instruction manuals on video. Released by Queensland-based system company iSystemize International, iSystemize technology aims at preventing business owners and staff spending large amount of unproductive time in training or worse, in making and repeating mistakes.

The technology reproduces the procedures that staff repeat every day that make the business work, according to iSystemize Co-founder Dale Mercer.

“Every business has systems, whether they know it or not, yet most businesses struggle to train their staff in these procedures because they don’t have them documented. And few people these days have the time or inclination to wade through a procedures manual,” Mr Mercer said.

“ISystemize allows a business owner or manager to record on camera the correct way to do every repeatable action in their business,” he said. “Then it’s just a matter of loading that video into the iSystemize computer software and you have an easy way for people to learn,” Mr Mercer added.

Each video made is approximately five minutes long and allows staff to review the instructions on a computer screen and then carry them out.

More and more people are responding better to visual explanations and the videos help make procedures understood by even the newest recruits, says Mr Mercer.

“People respond much better to being shown how to do something that try to read how to do it,” Mr Mercer said.

ISystemize also has consultants to provide the product and support where necessary.

“We have trained our consultants using the iSystemize system so they know exactly how to help a business owner install and learn the product,” said Mr Mercer.

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