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New iPhone app to help SMEs with cash flow

Business development franchiser 10X Limited has today launched a new iPhone application designed to help SMEs manage their cash flow.

The application – 10X CashFlow Pro – calculates a businesses Net Variable Cash Flow and suggests practical ways to manage cash for long term growth.

According to 10X CEO Nic Clark, it is the first iPhone application of its kind and is expected to be hugely popular with time-poor business owners in the SME sector.

“Many business owners are so tied up working in their business, they’re unable to step back and see how they’re really performing – which means assessing their cash flow,” he said.

“We’ve designed this iPhone app to be a convenient evaluation and monitoring tool which also incorporates strategies to help business owners manage their cash more effectively”.

Features of 10X CashFlow Pro include: easy to understand flow charts, 20 ways to reduce the cost of goods, 80 ways to reduce expenses, 31 ways to improve pricing, 21 ways to reduce debtors’ amounts, 5 ways to slow payments to creditors and 22 ways to reduce stock holding.

The application can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store, or via this quick link: http://tinyurl.com/mjsyne

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