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How to tell if you have a great idea

There’s plenty of money out there for great ideas. How to tell if you’ve got one.

There’s plenty of funding if you have a good idea.

Somehow, a bunch of entrepreneurs got it into their heads that good ideas go unfunded. It’s just not true. Because part of what makes something a good idea is the fact that the founder can convey that it’s a good idea. And in the world of funding, there are rules about how one conveys a good idea. You need an addressable market. You need to solve a problem for that market. There needs to be a way to make money. A lot of it. And there needs to be a barrier to entry.

I’m blown away by how many founders think they can get away with not having one of these things. You could have a weakness, sure. But you have to have the essential components of a good company, or you don’t have a good company.

There are plenty of people who will give you feedback on your idea. It takes very little knowledge of the startup world to recognize a crappy idea, because most ideas are so crappy in so many ways and you only need to be able to see one of them.

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