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How to make people believe in you

You’re a start-up and you haven’t done anything yet, so why should anyone believe in you? Classic research suggests how to convince them.

Why should anyone believe in you or your company?  Even if you have a great idea and a fantastic team, why should anyone trust that you’ll build those resources into something great?  In short, how can you convince customers, investors and employees to take a chance on you?

A classic bit of psychological research suggests the answer—or, rather the six answers. The book is Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion, in which renowned psychologist Robert Cialdini identified six key principles of building personal credibility.  They provide a roadmap for entrepreneurs seeking to convince stakeholders they’re the real deal.


People are more likely to do something if they feel like they’re returning favors or repaying debts.  So, as an entrepreneur, offer small giveaways to potential investors or other stakeholders. Email them an article they’ll find interesting, introduce them to a potential customer or make legitimate suggestions that might help their business.  Over time, many will likely factor reciprocity into the decision to become a customer.

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