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How to hire the best recent graduates for your business

New graduates can give your company a fresh way of looking at business problems. Here are five steps for hiring the best and brightest of the class of 2013.

Smart and ready to prove themselves, new grads can infuse fresh thinking and new insight into your company. And they come at an entry-level salary price tag.

A recent study from National Association of Colleges and Universities shows that employers plan to hire only 2.1 percent more new college grads than they hired last year. Still, entrepreneurial companies and startups are sometimes faced with a tough sell to new graduates, who may be looking for glamorous gigs at household-name companies, says Tom Gimbel, founder and CEO of LaSalle Network, a Chicago-based staffing firm.

Making sure a recent graduate is a good fit for your business can be tricky. Gimbel says there are five ways smaller companies can appeal to newly minted degree-holders.

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