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How email hurts your business

You use it every day, all day to do almost every aspect of your job. But email might be what’s holding you back.

Email. You probably know it as that lovely little tool that pretty much rules your life. In my eyes, it’s both the greatest–and also the worst–innovation impacting business today.

Email is great for short follow-up questions, forwarding presentations, and sending around office humor. Emails suck, however, for explaining a point of view, sucking up, getting angry, scheduling meetings (have you ever had an email tennis match to schedule a lunch?), getting the best seat at a restaurant, screening new employees, and negotiating a deal (though lawyers love negotiating via email as it makes it last longer).

So how do you balance email’s pros and cons?

At Yes To we have built our business over the past few years at lightning speed, growing to be the second largest natural beauty brand in the country. We never would have achieved this by emailing people. We did this by picking up the phone. Yep–that old-fashioned device connected to the curly cord. We cold called, we bantered with a unique sense of chutzpah (more on that later)… and we always (without exception!) met face-to-face. We accumulated millions of frequent flyer miles, packed countless overnight bags, and consumed copious amounts of wine with the best of them.

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