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Along with the changes in technology, hospitality and social trends, the business and corporate events industry has experienced huge shifts. With 10 years at the helm, Amy Merriman, Managing Director of event organising firm Event Planet, stops to reflect on the ever-moving world that is events.

Amy’s trends to watch:

It’s all about you!
Events need to create a more personal experience to capture the attention of the audience and build an emotional connection to the brand.

Gone are the days that event managers can just project a logo in front of business people and assume they’ll connect, the audience need to be immersed into the event; by crafting a unique theme.

Fuse the theme into all the elements of the event for the invite, decoration, menu, drinks, gifts and entertainment to ensure a truly unique guest experience.

Watch this space
The good events are the ones that amaze guests and an important part of that is the venue.

It is crucial to seek out never before used or unusual places that complement the event theme. Tie into the venue selection a ‘money can’t buy experience’ to really impress.

Alternatively, a really creative theme needs to be injected into a well-trodden event space – to continually surprise audiences and exceed their expectations.

Family and life balance
Clients are now making requests for family day events. It is important for event planners to consider the increasing focus on work-life balance, the change in family roles and shifting responsibilities in the workplace.

Consider having a start and finish time for your event. Product launches and promotional events running for a specified period of time let people plan ahead and allow people to get back to their own lives and responsibilities.

The digital rollercoaster
A huge leap in technologies has changed our thirst for information and our relationships with each other. As a result, events have become environments with multiple layers of interaction.

Expect to be tweeting at events, streaming live pictures and videos on big screens and using technology to bridge the gap of geography – giving a sense of unified identity like never before.

Devil in the detail
The wider environment will always influence, however events will continue to be about giving the audience lasting experiences that they will remember for a very long time. If people are still talking about the positive aspects of an event long after it’s over, then you know it’s been a success.

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