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Hot or not? What the web thinks about your brand

Use these nine free tools to measure ‘social media sentiment’ around your company, your brand, or even your own name.

Do you know what the Web is thinking? If you don’t now, you ought to. So-called “sentiment analysis”—also sometimes referred to as “opinion mining”—analyzes social media, news, and research content such as tweets, likes, posts, updates, discussions, product reviews and more. The goal: extracting meaningful data measurements from the subjective opinions, feelings and attitudes surrounding a given brand, topic, or keyword.

Paying Attention to Sentiment

Big brands have been paying attention to sentiment analysis for a number of reasons:

  • Measuring success: Simply put, sentiment can be used as a success metric for marketing and advertising campaigns, like the Honda CR-V Super Bowl teaser ad.
  • Research: Analyzing sentiment can be a precursor to or part of an online market research study.
  • Competitive analysis: Look at the sentiment for Brand or Product A to compare it against a competitor. For example, compare sentiment for Kindle vs. Nook:

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