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Hiring tips for first-time entrepreneurs

Now that you’ve raised money, how do you build a rock-solid team?

You’re a first-time entrepreneur. You have an idea that will change the world and you have been fortunate to find an investor to fund it. Now you’re faced with your biggest challenge yet. How are you going to recruit people to join you on this mission?

Here are some hiring tips to help you get started. I also included insights from two entrepreneurs who have been very successful at hiring top performers: Jason Jacobs, the co-founder and CEO of RunKeeper, and Boris Revsin, co-founder & CEO of CampusLIVE, whom I’ve helped recruit a senior director of product and analytics.

1.  Make a plan.

Hiring the best people is critical to your success so you need a strategy or roadmap to do it well (like any other aspect of your business).

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