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Grocery Choice demise will result in price discrimination

The demise of Grocery Choice will result in customers being ripped off and exploited by major supermarkets, says consumer group Choice.

The Government last week scrapped the price comparison site after it was revealed the site was out-of-date and impractical for customers. However, Choice believes that the demise of the site will result in supermarkets ripping off customers at the till, particularly when it comes to location.

Choice spokesman Christopher Zinn said higher prices can now be charged in areas where there is little competition, and will go undetected.

“While we know that those things take place, it’s been hard to prove it.”

Choice claims Grocery Choice’s demise also highlights the political clout of Coles and Woolworths, which share 78 percent of the Australian grocery market; and the Federal Government’s unwillingness to regulate the industry to ensure price transparency.

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