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Goanna for Visual Studio 2010 launched by NICTA start-up

Red Lizard Software has announced global simultaneous shipment of its Goanna testing and debugging software for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

Red Lizard GoannaRed Lizard Software, a start-up company originating at NICTA, Australia’s ICT Research Centre of Excellence, is one of approximately 50 ‘Sim Ship’ partners globally to ready its Goanna static code analysis software for concurrent launch with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

Goanna helps users of Visual Studio 2010 by finding mission-critical bugs, saving development and debugging time during product development. Red Lizard Software is looking to increase this return on investment during 2010 by tripling the number of automated code checks in Goanna.

Goanna is a scalable and automated static code analysis solution that detects bugs and other software vulnerabilities automatically at development time. It saves companies money by helping developers produce high quality software and keep product launch timetables on track and within budget.

Goanna for Visual Studio costs approximately AU$900 and is now available for download from www.redlizards.com, with a 30 day free trial.

“The anticipated adoption of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 will open up a significant market for Red Lizard Software,” said James Campbell, CEO at Red Lizard Software.

“Goanna for Visual Studio 2010 is an affordable yet comprehensive platform to give developers complete code confidence in delivering higher quality software projects,”

“At a global level, we’re helping organisations deliver better, more reliable products, from mission-critical medical devices through to consumer electronics and games development.” said Mr Campbell.

Dave Mendlen, senior director of Developer Marketing at Microsoft Corp was buoyant about the release.

“Microsoft is pleased that Red Lizard Software, a Visual Studio Industry Partner has invested early in supporting Visual Studio 2010 and our next-generation application development platform, and is today simultaneously shipping Goanna for Visual Studio 2010,”

“Products like Goanna for Visual Studio 2010 help customers to simplify their development process from design to deployment when using Microsoft® products like Visual Studio 2010 and.NET Framework 4.” Mr Mendlen said.

Visual Studio 2010 enables efficient software development, incorporating new Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), architecture and testing tools to help developers create new applications, simplify development and integrate quality tools. Visual Studio 2010 includes code-focused productivity which Goanna extends by delivering an automated source code analysis solution that is able to detect software bugs, potential crashes and security violations right at development time.

Goanna is also available for previous versions including Visual Studio 2005 and 2008.

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