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Franchisers fail to recruit women and Gen Y

New research into the Australian franchise industry has suggested that franchisers are still dragging their feet when it comes to recruiting women and members of Generation Y as franchisees.

The latest Franchisor Expansion Study by market intelligence organisation 10 THOUSAND FEET canvassed the opinions of over 100 Australian franchisers to determine the strategies used to maintain strong growth across the industry.

The study found that 78 percent of franchisers still do not have a tailored strategy to recruit women, while only 11 percent have a tailored strategy to recruit young franchisees.

FCA Executive Director Steve Wright said the franchising sector was a great place to foster women in business.

“The main reason is that women are often simply better at it. Franchising is about relationships and it is heavily retail and service industry oriented – areas in which women often excel.”

Similarly, Ian Krawitz, Head of Intelligence at 10 THOUSAND believes it is a great environment to foster new young talent.

“The Gen-Y mindset is perfectly matched to the needs of franchisers. They are often entrepreneurial and willing to work hard providing they can reap the benefits for themselves. The idea of owning their own business is very appealing, but having the backing of a franchiser and their relevant systems and processes provides added security.”

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