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Five ways to organise your office – stylishly

How to make your office project a professional image for your business, and a look at products to help you do it.

Whether you work in a home office, an office suite or a store, you want the space to look as professional as you.

“When people see an office that’s messy, there’s an assumption that you’re not on top of your work,” says Linda Samuels, a certified professional organizer in Westchester, N.Y. “A messy desk can give a very bad first impression.” What to do first? It’s simple. Corral your papers, find ways to contain your clutter, and whatever you do, keep the kids’ drawings out of your workspace.

As you get started tidying up, here are five ways to keep your office looking spiffy – and stylish products to help get you there:

1. Box up must-keep documents. Mountainous piles of papers cost you valuable time as you look for specific documents, and they also contribute to a disorderly look.

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