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Fathers: How to raise entrepreneurs

Five things you can do to prepare your children for the life of an entrepreneur.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re either an entrepreneur or someone who aspires to be one. At the very least, you’re intrigued and impressed by the aspirations of entrepreneurship. And while we don’t think that entrepreneurship necessarily has to have anything to do with starting and running a business–it’s more about the pursuit of opportunity wherever it lies, regardless of what resources you control at the outset–you probably evaluate entrepreneurs in some way based on the success of the start-ups they’ve launched.

Of course you would. And if you value the ideals of entrepreneurship, chances are you wouldn’t mind your kids growing up to become entrepreneurs. In other words, if you can’t grow up to become Bill Gates, it’s not so bad to be his entrepreneurial father William H. Gates, Sr.

We’ve had the chance to know, teach, and interview hundreds upon hundreds of successful entrepreneurs over the last decade. And at times we’ve had the chance to ask them what they think it was about their upbringing that enabled them in the end to pursue the entrepreneurial life. There were many replies, of course, but we identified a few commonalities. If you want to grow your kids into entrepreneurs, be sure that you…

1. Encourage them to have diverse career experiences.

Change is the only constant. It’s a lesson that many of the top entrepreneurs we talked with learned early in life. Their jobs never became their identities, because they had held many different jobs.

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