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Cure for social media overload

Social media is a great way to promote your business–but too much time online can burn you out. Here’s how to get your spark back.

One of the best things about being an avid reader is that moment you stumble across a phrase that clearly describes something you’ve experienced but didn’t previously have the words for. Take “social media hangover” for example. It’s a phrase that appears in an old-but-good post on B2B Marketing Insider. You may have felt a certain vague, brain-deadening feeling wash over you after spending too much time promoting your business or product on social media, but Michael Brenner’s description from the post nails the experience:

Last week I attended SAP’s annual conference… as a “social reporter.” For three full days, I live-blogged and live-tweeted my way through almost a dozen conference sessions, I created nine blog posts, 83 hash-tagged tweets and more than a few Facebook comments and likes. When it was all over, I collapsed into a social media stupor.

I flew home after the show and aside from a few responses and notes of appreciation, I found myself suffering from what felt like a social media hangover…. For three days after the show, I felt my social media haze and headache. I sporadically checked in on my connections across the various networks but just couldn’t bring myself to dive in and create anything.

Burnout is possible in many areas of business, of course, but the always on, always tempting nature of social media makes it particularly easy to get sucked in to long hours building your network on these sites. And while the brand awareness and networking benefits are real, all that time in front of Facebook and like can leave you a little woozy headed, drained and with a vague sense of being down in the dumps.

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