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COSBOA calls on SMBs for carbon tax response

COSBOA is asking small businesses to provide information about how the carbon tax is likely to impact them, after people expressed disappointment it didn’t attack the carbon price scheme Julia Gillard announced on Sunday.

The small business council said it understands people were disappointed it didn’t come out firing about the tax yesterday, but said this isn’t a reflection of its level of concern about how the carbon price will impact small business,

“COSBOA has reviewed the announcements on Carbon Pricing and wants information on how this will affect people in their own businesses. We need this information as soon as possible so that small business people can plan their future with some certainty,” it said.

“…we need more information to inform any attack we make. Which sectors will be affected the most? Will the two speed economy become worse? Will home-based businesses be affected? What will the real impact be on the self-employed? Will big business be allowed to use this as an opportunity to force more small businesses out of the market?”

COSBOA Executive Director Peter Strong said his organisation needs information before it can inform the votes of Australia’s 2.5 million small business owners at the next election.

“We need to know exactly what will happen to businesses in the various sectors.  We need detailed modelling of how the tax will affect different small businesses as well as case studies and information for small business to use in business planning.”

Strong said COSBOA also wants to know that small business won’t be targeted for gouging by large organisations “and used as new profit centres as the result of this change because we will not be able to pass on all costs when the competition policy of this country favours big business.”

COSBOA has identified the following businesses as part of the group that needs modelling and case studies:

  • Retailers in a shopping mall
  • Retailers not in shopping centres
  • Owner-Drivers – Large trucks, couriers, small trucks
  • Pharmacists
  • Hair Dressers & Dry Cleaners (who are big users of power)
  • Home Based Businesses
  • Independent Contractors across all trades
  • Restaurants, large and small
  • Fast food outlets, franchised and independent
  • Small supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Newsagents
  • Small accountancy firms
  • Independent Service suppliers
  • Small Engineering firms
  • Small Manufacturers
  • The range of small businesses in the auto industry
  • Independent Service Station owners

“The modelling and the accompanying case studies will help people in these businesses understand the true effect on their business and on their incomes of the Carbon Tax,” Strong added.

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Lorna Brett

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