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Business groups call for third stimulus

The National Independent Retailers Association has called for a third round of economic stimulus from the Federal Government, specifically targeted to small business.

According to Assosciation president Bob Stanton, recent cash injections have only assisted big business and supported overseas product suppliers, and that more should be done to boost the small business sector.

However, Small Business Minister Craig Emerson disagrees, believing that both big and small retailers have benefited from the government’s latest round of stimulus payments.

“That’s the purpose of it (stimulus measures), to boost consumer spending and small retailers are among the beneficiaries of course, big retailers are as well,” he said.

The Rudd Government has hinted at a third stimulus in the budget, in order to cushion the blow of the recession that Australia is now in.

Mr Rudd said the extra stimulus is needed to protect jobs.

“The challenge for framing the budget is to do as much as possible through continued economic stimulus to cushion Australia from the affect of rising unemployment coming off the back of this global recession.”

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