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Budget online advertising via new media

Advertising on new media has several unique elements. On Facebook, ads can be connected to a Facebook page, encouraging interaction within a user’s network. On news aggregators like Digg, advertisers can gather feedback about their ad through comments or votes, with engaging ads performing better and receiving favourable positions on the site.

We ran a range of campaigns for our clients across multiple media, and we thought we would share some of those results.


Startup Cost: Unknown

Cost for the Sample Campaign: $40,000

Unique Impressions:            2800000

CPM $14.28

Clicks ~280

Sample Campaign Click Through: .01%

Cost Per Click: ~$142

Target Level: Category Home ~50 options

Digg.com is a social news aggregator that allows users to vote on the most interesting news stories. An advertiser can have their own “story” inserted into the feeds in any of the categories on the site. Digg once was comfortably inside the top 100 websites on the web, however it now sits somewhere closer to 500. As with a lot of new media, the audience is mainly 18 to 34 and probably living at home. Whilst the audience is still substantial, it is estimated that it has fallen by about 50% to 3 million unique views per month.

IDEAL FOR: Book Publishers LESS IDEAL FOR: Toothpaste Manufacturers


Startup Cost $20

Cost for the Sample Campaign $20

Unique Impressions 19,303

CPM $1.036

Clicks 196

Sample Campaign Click Through 6.49%

Cost Per Click 0.10

Target Level Any “subreddit” (hundreds)

Reddit.com has become one of the most popular properties on the web, with over half a billion pageviews per month. Users can create their own interest based newsfeed, as a “subreddit”. The audience is largely college-going, bacon loving twenty-somethings with little money.

The unique way the site is divided means that if you are advertising a new Star Wars convention, or promoting a T-Shirt of a narwhal eating Kevin Rose, you will find an audience..

IDEAL FOR: Magic: The Gathering Wholesalers LESS IDEAL FOR: Insurance Brokers


Startup Cost $20

Cost for the Sample Campaign $37.23

Unique Impressions 454,294

CPM $0.82

Clicks 49

Sample Campaign Click Through .01%

Cost Per Click ~0.76

Target Level Keyword Targeting

Facebook has become the second most visited website, and has one of the biggest user/pageview ratios. The engagement levels are high, meaning that advertisers can draw users into their narrative, and have the potential to hold their interest for a lot longer than other advertising. With several billion pageviews per month, Facebook allows advertisers unprecedented reach.

IDEAL FOR: Big brands with a large following NOT IDEAL FOR: Photocopier salesmen


Startup Cost $10

Cost for the Sample Campaign $25

Unique Impressions 25,000,000+

CPM $0.001

Clicks ~300

Sample Campaign Click Through 0.06%

Cost Per Click $0.08

Target Level Website Content only

BuySellAds.com is one of the largest internet advertising brokerages. Some of the internet’s most popular blogging websites lease space through this system, allowing advertisers to have access to wide range of interests and readers. Ads come in a wide variety of flavours, from 250  250 ads that can be leased for a fixed fee each month, to banners that are charged out at a CPM rate. The benefit obviously for bloggers is they can sell space on their website, and make money if they have an interesting enough audience. The benefit for advertisers is that they can have large ads displayed on websites that sometimes get a few million pageviews each month.

IDEAL FOR: Design Software Programmers LESS IDEAL FOR: Used Car Salesmen

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Robert Steers

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