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Become a better writer: 10 quick tips

It’s not about being a highly skilled artist; you just just need to become a better technician. Here’s how.

If you think you aren’t a good writer, it’s probably because you’ve gotten hung up on the “craft” of writing.  It’s really hard to write well when you’re worried about how you write. But unless you’re somebody like Nicholas Sparks and you write novels guys hate because you make us all look like insensitive jerks by comparison, style is basically irrelevant.

Writing is all about achieving a goal. Results are all that matters. Whether it’s emails, proposals, reports… good writing gets things done. So don’t worry about being an artist. Be a technician. Here’s how:

Start with your goal. It sounds selfish, but when you write you want something: To educate, to instruct, to convince, to sell, to build a relationship, etc. (If you don’t want to accomplish something there’s no reason to write.) Determine exactly what you hope to accomplish. That drives everything.

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