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When it comes to plagiarism, there’s no excuse. But taking a leaf out of the books of social media experts and organisations doing social well is the best way to inspire your own content.

There are plenty of companies who are showing incredible leadership when it comes to social media. If you want to have a look at who’s doing it best, try these organisations and brands for some inspiration for your own social media campaigns.


Starbucks got in quick during the blizzard in the north east United States recently by promoting hot coffee. Snow themed posts featured on Twitter and Facebook, and showed that the company was not only up to speed with current events, but could easily tie their brand in without it seeming forced. This type of interaction shows that the company can empathise with their customers and offer them more than just a product, they could offer camaraderie over a shared experience- with a subtle promotion thrown in. Generally speaking, the company also does a fantastic job on their Facebook page of encouraging comments and posting interesting images.


Another fast cab off the ranks, Oreo blew social media commentators away during the Super Bowl when they quickly reacted to the blackout by posting a Twitter ad with the message ‘You can still dunk in the dark’. The ad cost the company nothing in terms of buying ad space but was spread virally and offered them instant kudos for being quick witted.

Tourism Australia

Promoting Australia as a tourist destination might not be too hard to do, but Tourism Australia have taken a novel approach to doing so across their social media channels- and it’s paying off. They encourage everyone to post their own images of Australia on their Facebook page, which means they get endless amounts of images, not to mention priceless interactivity with their fans, and everyone feels involved in the process. Jesse Desjardins, the organisation’s head of social media will be speaking at the CommsCon event in March, but has also published a Slideshare presentation about their social media success.


With a range of beautiful product options for fantastic photos for Instagram and Facebook, it’s not surprising that Ikea is a social media leader as well, but it’s their creative use of themes and questions that make them stand out. Their interaction with fans, to the extent that the company recently hosted a wedding, is commendable. They’re quick to respond to comments and make sure that every post has a brightly coloured image attached. There’s a lot to learn from this famous furniture company!


Who else do you think is doing a great job on social media?


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Rhiannon Sawyer

Rhiannon Sawyer

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