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AVG offers free Internet Security for business customers

AVG is offering any business which purchases its AVG Internet Security Business Edition a free copy of AVG Internet Security for use at home by every employee.

AVG BusinessAVG’s free Internet Security Suite home offer applies for all employees covered under the AVG Internet Security Business edition license, with the promotion running until the end of July 2010.

AVG has seen the sophistication of online threats move well beyond viral attack. Switching from anti-virus to full Internet security protection is vital to business continuity, plus the integrity of business information and business IP. And the company also recognises the benefit of greater employee understanding of cyber threats and their impact on the business as a whole.

Lloyd Borrett, Marketing Manager of AVG highlighted the risks of employees working from home unprotected.

“The Internet provides unrivalled business opportunities for competitive advantage, but also increases exposure to the hundreds of thousands of online threats and poisoned web sites which are being generated daily. ”

“When employees go online both at work and at home, they’re indirectly connecting with millions of other people via the Internet. That alone poses a big threat to the security of business data – never mind the disruption that comes from a malware infection that puts your business network out of commission for hours, even days.” Mr Borrett said.

“AVG’s offer of free AVG Internet Security software for employees not only provides broad reaching protection for staff at home, but also helps business owners raise awareness of cyber threats. With heightened levels of understanding, employees will reduce their unintentional or careless behaviour when online. Having staff conscious of their Internet safety and fully protected both at work and at home has benefits for all.”

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