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Australian triathlete appointed Quorn ambassador

Dynamic Business recently spoke to Australian triathlete, long-term vegetarian and newly appointed ambassador of Quorn, Charlotte McShane, who talked about her role with the company.

As part of her ambassadorship, McShane will be sharing her own Quorn recipes, and insights on training, fitness and nutrition through Quorn’s Facebook page.

McShane explained that as a high-performance athlete, it’s important to have adequate protein in your diet – which can be difficult for vegans, vegetarians or those who eat little meat.

To overcome this deficit and meet her nutritional needs, McShane discovered Quorn’s diverse range of products – made with mycoprotein, a meat free form of protein and member of the fungi family.

“Quorn is a very unique brand because it’s versatile as far as vegetarian products go. The texture is very similar to meat, so for people who are starting to transition to a vegetarian or meat-reduced diet, it’s very simple. It can very easily replace meat in recipes,” she said.

McShane is currently focused on representing Australia at the Commonwealth Games next year and in Rio de Janeiro at the 2016 Olympic Games.

With a strict training schedule of over 40 hours a week and the motivation to win the Olympic triathlon in 2016, McShane explained that maintaining a normal lifestyle is a challenge.

“It’s hard to get a balance exactly as an athlete at an elite level. But I do try to devote some time doing normal things like shopping, going to the beach, and spending time with my non-athlete friends. I think it’s really important to do that,” she said.

Her advice for people without her sense of purpose?

“My biggest advice for people who don’t have a dream, or are feeling a bit negative about the future, is to really search for a goal in their life. This way you’ll always have something to work towards,” said McShane.

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