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Australia ‘best place’ to be in crisis

A Servcorp International Business Confidence Survey has revealed that one in five international businesspeople believe Australia is the nation best surviving the financial crisis.

Servcorp polled 7,500 international businesspeople to find which countries they believe are weathering the financial crisis the best, with 20 percent of all international businesspeople ranking Australia, ahead of China and India, as the country coping best.

71 percent of Australian businesspeople agreed with the nation’s ranking.

The survey also revealed that Australian businesspeople are more concerned about the low morale in the media than the bleak world economy.

Servcorp Executive Director, Taine Moufarrige believes dismal reports of the downturn are potentially holding back Australian businesses from realizing the opportunities available in the present economic situation.

“This is a time when Australian business confidence needs to be supported and encouraged in the media and by the Australian Government.

“Australian businesses remain in good shape and should emerge from the global economic crisis even stronger than before”, Mourfarrige added.

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