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Australia 4th most spammed country

Symantec’s May 2009 MessageLabs Intelligence Report has found that spam levels have increased substantially in Australia, becoming the fourth most spammed country in the world, with spam levels reaching 89.7 percent.

Australia has seen a 31 per cent uplift in spam in the last 12 months, while globally, spam levels grew by 5.1 percent since April, reaching heights of 90.4 percent. Hong Kong took the title of the most spammed country, reaching 92.3 percent spam levels.

Geographical location has been a contributing factor in the times people receive spam. According to research conducted over a seven day period, analysis highlights that US residents see spam peak between 9 and 10 a.m. local time and a drop overnight while Europeans are more likely to receive a steady stream of spam throughout the workday. Those in the Asia-Pacific region start their day with an inbox full of spam and see less trickling in throughout the day.

According to Paul Wood, MessageLabs Intelligence Senior Analyst, Symantec, as spam levels increase, we will see attack techniques combine and “morph into one.”

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