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Aussies embrace AI-powered price finder

In an extraordinary leap forward for Australian online shoppers, Little Birdie, an AI-powered innovation, has unveiled its platform, enabling instant access to the lowest prices available across millions of products. 

Led by Jon Beros, formerly associated with Catch Group, and backed by CommBank, this cutting-edge technology is poised to transform the e-commerce landscape amidst the challenges of inflation and rising living costs.

Taking the online shopping world by storm, Little Birdie introduces a seamless browser extension compatible with Safari (iPhone) and Chrome (desktop). Gone are the days of tedious price comparisons, as this intelligent tool automatically scours thousands of online retailers, covering diverse categories such as fashion, beauty, electronics, toys, and beyond.

Here’s how it works: once installed, the Little Birdie extension operates silently in the background, empowering shoppers to continue their regular browsing experience. The magic unfolds when users visit a product page on their favorite online store. Little Birdie springs into action, presenting an unbiased and crystal-clear list of prices from numerous retailers, right there on the store’s page.

Imagine shopping for Apple AirPods on Amazon – with Little Birdie in tow, the shopper will not only see Amazon’s offering but also the competitive prices from The Good Guys, My Deal, Bing Lee, and more, all in one place, without ever leaving the Amazon page.

One of the most revolutionary aspects of Little Birdie lies in its commitment to levelling the e-commerce playing field. Unlike traditional search engines that prioritize retailers based on ad spending, Little Birdie ensures every player gets a fair shot. Even smaller retailers across the country gain visibility, and their best prices are brought to the forefront, fostering transparency in the online marketplace.

The user experience is designed with simplicity and convenience in mind, as the prices displayed are thoughtfully organized in ascending order of the lowest price. Armed with this unbiased information, consumers can make informed and savvy purchasing decisions, free from manipulative marketing tactics.

Little Birdie’s launch comes at a crucial time, offering hope to consumers navigating an era of economic uncertainty. By empowering Australians with instant access to the best prices and unveiling a new era of transparency, Little Birdie undoubtedly redefines the way we shop online.

Jon Beros, Little Birdie founder and CEO  and Catch Group alumni said: “Aussies spent nearly $64 billion online in the last year alone. Yet the average shopper might not know how often retailers are changing pricing which makes you think you’re getting a good deal — when you’re really not.. From decades of working in e-commerce and fighting to find consumers the best price, we know that this lack of transparency is the biggest barrier.   

“Little Birdie’s mission is to bring transparency to online retail and to save people their hard-earned money every time they buy online, just by making sure they get the best price out there.

“We’re using new technology to innovate one of the last corners of the internet that is in desperate need of an aggregator that is on the side of the shopper—unlike Google, which prioritises advertising. We’re putting powerful AI search tools at their fingertips and it’s really an exciting step forward for e-commerce.”

Always-improving AI

Little Birdie aims to transform online shopping in Australia and soon, around the world. Powered by innovative AI, the browser extension searches and tracks the prices of millions of products online and as usage grows, that number will get infinitely larger. 

“In the same way that generative AI tools like ChatGPT have become more powerful the more they are used, the more shoppers using Little Birdie, the smarter it gets at finding the best prices. 

“From today, Little Birdie will deliver substantial savings across thousands of the best known stores including Amazon, The Iconic, Big W, Myer, Rebel, Adore Beauty and eBay.” said Beros. 

The catch?

There is no catch. Little Birdie is free to use, easy to install and available on iPhone (Safari), Chrome (desktop).   

“We all know the feeling of shopping with too many tabs open trying to find the best deal. With Little Birdie, avoid the tab-alanche, and get all the thrill, without the trawl.”

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