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Aussies develop bad working habits in tough climate

The increased pressures placed on employees as a result of the economic downturn have revealed bad habits in the workplace, according to research released today by international recruitment firm Robert Half.

Robert Half’s Workplace Survey of 404 Australian professionals reveals that employees are under so much stress that they are coming in to work sick, and checking their emails outside of work hours. One in two Australians frequently come to work when they are sick, with 61 percent doing so because they don’t want to get behind on their work, 48 percent don’t want to be viewed as ‘slackers’ and 45 percent fear too many sick days could cost them their job.

Economic uncertainty has led to many employers stressing about job security and as a result they are going above and beyond to prove themselves to their employers, however, Andrew Brushfield, Victorian Director of Robert Half believes this is unnecessary.

“People shouldn’t go to work when they are not well. Aside from the possible implications on the health of their colleagues, employees who are unwell are generally not as productive as they would otherwise be. That people are coming to work when they should be resting at home reflects negatively on the pressure they are under.”

Aussies workers are also taking their work home with them, with 64 percent spending between half-an-hour and two hours each day checking their work email outside of work hours.

“The amount of personal time Australians spend on work-related emails is among the highest in the world. There is little doubt that employees are facing time pressures and being expected to achieve more with less,” said Brushfield.

“Employers need to be aware of these bad habits and the factors that give rise to them, and work with their staff to encourage more healthy and balanced work practices.”

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