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Aussies are flaunting their company logos in public

New data shows that many Australian workers like to wear or use items with their company’s logo on them.

The study, conducted by COS, a company that offers workplace product supply solutions, surveyed more than 1,000 Australian workers. Surprisingly, 66% of them expressed a willingness to use or wear branded items in public.

The study also revealed that Gen Z workers and males are the ones most likely to use company-branded merchandise compared to others.

According to Belinda Lyone, Co-CEO of COS, the popularity of branded company merchandise has grown significantly in recent years. It has evolved from low-quality items picked up at conferences to high-quality gifts that the whole team appreciates. While branded shirts, reusable coffee cups, and bags remain popular, businesses now have more options to choose from, like golf sets, laptop bags, wine coolers, scented candles, and board games.

Belinda believes that the rise in employees wanting to use branded items is because they are proud of their companies. The research showed that over 90% of Australians take pride in working at their current workplace. The main reasons for this pride are feeling valued, having a great work/life balance, and enjoying job flexibility – all of which reflect positively on the employers.

However, there is a concern that poor-quality branded merchandise might end up in landfill. To help companies create the right branded items and avoid missing the mark, Belinda shares some current trends around what employees are looking for:

  1. Understand your audience: It is crucial to know what type of items your staff, clients, or brand fans would value and proudly use in public. If unsure, simply ask them for their preferences.
  2. Align with your company’s image: Make sure the branded merchandise represents what your company does. For example, a tech business might invest in branded USBs and portable chargers, while a skincare company would find better success with items like hats, sunscreen, or lip balms.
  3. Be consistent: Once you’ve selected a few key items to brand, stick with them for a few years. Consistency helps people associate specific items with your company, maximizing the impact of your branding. You can change things up by considering different colors or styles of the same items. However, this doesn’t apply to giftware. In fact, changing the gifts you give your team each year can boost staff engagement.

Belinda concludes, “Ultimately branded merchandise from workplaces are no longer purely a marketing play aimed at attracting new customers and driving sales, but instead is now focused on building a loyal community of people who are proud of the brand and share the same values.

“Understanding your audience, and what they want and creating quality products will make your company merchandise something employees want to be seen with.”

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