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Aussies stayed in Australian hotels 3% longer on average this year

Aussies are staying longer in Australian hotels than last year, with hotel bookings 3 percent longer on average than last year, and Australians spending 5 percent more on their daily hotel rates.

Tourism QueenslandDomestic tourism continues to struggle in the face of the high Australian dollar making overseas travel relatively less expensive than the same time last year, however in a survey by hotel group Best Western, the effects of the global financial crisis may well be over in the Australian accommodation sector. Australian hotels and motels in the past six months have seen corporate clients and families returning in the past six months, suggesting that more mobile young holiday goers are taking advantage of the high Australian dollar and opting not to travel domestically.

Kimi Anderson, General Manager of Sales and Marketing for Best Western Australasia said families are key to domestic tourism income in Australia.

“Corporate clients and families are still finding travel achievable and affordable, which is a great sign for the industry. It’s also heartening to see that holidays are being extended for families, and people are feeling more relaxed about taking time away from work to explore the beauty of Australia”.

Online bookings for Best Western spiked by 65 percent in the last month alone, demonstrating the shift towards purchasing travel online.

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