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Aldi popularity on the rise

The popularity of Aldi supermarkets has risen sharply over the past couple of months, according to a study by Heartbeat Trends.

The study which looked at how Australian mums are coping with the recession found that ‘value’ has become the key driver for consumers today.

Heartbeat director Neer Korn said that in tough times, consumers are searching for value for money and Aldi was seen to be “the cheapest option compared to large retailers in virtually every category.”

The study found that Aldi products were viewed as being of high quality, good tasting and realistically priced. The stores were also noted to be easy to navigate around, and service was viewed as superior.

According to Korn, shopping behaviours have changed dramatically and he is predicting that Aldi will increasingly constitute the major shopping trip for some consumers who will then top up at Coles and Woolworths.

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