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Agresso wins $7m deal with QLD Govt for OneSchool App

Agresso has signed a landmark education sector deal with the Queensland Government – Department of Education and Training worth $7 million.

Agresso QLD contractQueensland Government’s Department of Education and Training has agreed to terms with Agresso for the software/services contract, estimated at $7 million. Agresso’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Agresso Business World, will become the finance technology solution supporting Queensland’s transformational “SmartClassroom” education initiative.

Agresso will develop the OneSchool application on top of the Queensland Department of Education and Training’s enterprise platform.  OneSchool is a school-driven project focused on improving relationships among teachers, students and parents, with the key objective being to enhance the learning
of all students.

This objective is enabled through providing teachers with accurate, timely and complete information about their students, delivering a holistic picture of each student in the form of a OneSchool student record, deepening relationships and supporting improved learning outcomes.

Dr Richard Eden, Deputy Director-General Corporate Services, Department of Education and Training says Agresso was chosen due to its flexibility after deployment.

”We chose the Agresso Business World solution because its architecture is data model driven, not “fixed” process driven,”

“This was a core differentiator – it will allow us to more easily continually refine and change what metrics we wish to analyse and view, track trends and measure our performance.” Dr Eden said.

John Catarinich, Chief Executive Officer of Agresso Pty Limited is proud of the achievements of the company in competing for the QLD schools contract.

“AGRESSO Business World will be managing the financial transactions of more than 400,000 students across the Queensland school network, encompassing over 1,200 schools and accessible by all teachers and administrative staff,”

“We are proud and delighted to be part of this iconic program of change, delivering real value to Education stakeholders in Queensland.” Mr Catarinich said.

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