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Act like a man at work and you’ll earn more: study

Women who adopt a “masculine approach” at work earn up to $80,000 more than “nice” women, a new study has found.

Nuremberg Institute for Employment Research researcher Guido Heineck unveiled the study, called Does It Pay To Be Nice?, at a conference at Essex University in England.

The study revealed that women who act more like a man at work earn 4 percent more than their “passive” female co-workers, while “neurotic” women earn 3 percent less.

The study comes after a review of Australian salaries found that male managers earn 25 percent more than their female colleagues.

But Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace agency acting director Mairi Steele said that female personality traits were being used as an excuse.

“That is a stereotypical view of women – that if you act like a man, you will get paid like a man.”

Heineck said the study showed personality traits such as “agreeableness” were not beneficial in the workplace.

“Personality traits can have the same impact on earnings as intelligence. Our statistics show that being nice does not pay for women, whereas working hard does.”

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