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8 pieces of advice every entrepreneur needs

Advice to help you be more confident, manage more effectively, and sell more than you think you can.

I love listening to smart people.

I don’t like listening to smart people when they pretend they developed the wisdom they impart all on their own—like a Stephen Hawking fairy flew down and touched them on the head with a Wand of Wisdom.

It doesn’t work that way for most of us. Everything I know I was told by people who are smarter than me. Like the following advice, some of which has stuck with me for years:

“Go ahead and be an ‘individual.’ Just do it on your own time.” For a long time—longer than I care to admit—I let my personality overshadow my roles. That definitely impacted my performance and limited my opportunities. Sure, we’re all individuals, but we all depend on others, just like they depend on us.

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