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7 classic tech blunders to avoid

Any of these mistakes could cost you time, money, and the security of your business.

You’d like to think of yourself as tech-savvy: You upgraded to the latest Web browser, started using CRM software in your business, and even added a new mail server running Microsoft Exchange. What could go wrong?

Plenty. In fact, you might be making a classic tech blunder at this very moment…

1. Buying the wrong laptop

Don’t get sucked in by the low price of a new system. That shiny new Dell might not be all it is cracked up to be. Before you buy a new laptop, do some research on the latest Intel processor, graphics chipsets, and hard disk sizes. If a laptop has a 64GB SSD disk, that’s a sign it has not kept up with the field. Look for something more along the lines of 128GB SSD. And, look for brand new features like NFC (a chip used for making purchases), a gorilla glass display, and ruggedized components.

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