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7 characteristics that will kill your start-up

Don’t let these common short-comings destroy your shot at a successful business.

You are creative, resourceful, visionary, driven, and probably a touch hyper. I know that because you’re an entrepreneur, or at least you want to be.

These are all great and necessary qualities for an entrepreneur but there are some opposing qualities that could be detrimental to your business. Here are seven of them. How many do you show the signs of?

1. Stubbornness

Entrepreneurs become passionate about their topic and to some degree that’s critical to success. However, when the passion keeps you from being flexible and open to new ideas, you may as well start ringing the death-knell for your business.

Have you ever seen Shark Tank? I know, I know, it’s just television, but there’s some truth in that program. Here you have five hugely successful entrepreneurs telling a newbie that their idea is not a good one, and the newbie argues back! That’s the stubbornness I’m talking about. What if instead, the newbie’s say, tell me how to make it work, and they actually listen? That’s an opportunity of a lifetime! But many of them are too dang stubborn to consider another way.

Don’t be married to your idea; think of it as a malleable object ready to grow and take shape–or change altogether! Learn to let go and to anticipate and accept change.

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