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5 ways an iPad can transform bad meetings

The best reason to buy tablets for your team? No more death by PowerPoint.

PowerPoint has been around for a quarter century. (It came out the same year as “The Simpsons” and Prozac. Coincidence? I think not.) Twenty-five years later, the tool is pretty uniformly hated in businesses everywhere for introducing what is now known as the “death-by-PowerPoint” meeting culture. C’mon, people! Technology has moved at lightning speed since then! Shouldn’t your meetings change too?

Here are five things you must do to save your company from bad meetings:

1. Ban laptops—and buy everyone tablets.

The feng shui of laptops in a meeting really puts a cramp on your corporate Qi. When your co-workers are staring at the butt-side of your laptop, it doesn’t engender collaboration or conversation. Instead, it kicks off an arms-race of laptopping, where each participant is trying to stockpile email and IM replies, deftly raising their eyebrows to demonstrate they are listening, while still looking down to finish that last reply. Tablets, on the other hand, are social devices. They are flat, so people can basically see what you are doing, and they really don’t multitask. So, if you are looking at a preso on a tablet, you aren’t doing email. Which, in the end, is a good thing for effective meetings.

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