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5 tricks for Twitter power users

Leo Widrich, co-founder of the social media management tool Buffer, on how to get more out of your Tweets.

If you love Twitter—and you also have a life—you probably use Buffer to schedule your tweets: To make announcements at a specific time, to send time-sensitive tweets like for limited-time offers, to communicate when your followers are most likely to notice, and to avoid membership in the tweet-a-minute club.

If that’s you then you’ll want to check out a few ways to make Buffer even more useful. Who better to provide tips than Leo Widrich, the co-founder of Buffer.

Here are five tricks he recommends:

1. Use SocialBro. SocialBro provides a wide range of features: You can see which users are online, monitor a specific group of users via a Twitter list, monitor search terms… in short, find out more about who is tweeting right now. Now a SocialBro algorithm determines when most of your followers are online to see your tweets; a couple clicks later and you can set those times within Buffer. Better timing can boost click-through rates up to 200 percent, says Widrich. “SocialBro’s algorithm optmizes this even further.”

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