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3 leadership lessons from the Pope’s exit

Pope Benedict XVI will abdicate his post late tomorrow night. Scandals aside, what can you learn from the way the church is handling his departure?

As Pope Benedict XVI concludes his final week on the job, you can marvel at some of its eccentric details of his departure: the clothing, jewelry, the red shoes.

Yet the strange and ornate ritual prompts a question relevant to you (even if you’re not religious, in any way): How should you handle the departure of your key people?

When I ran software companies, I remember vividly the chill that ran down my spine any time someone said he needed to have a private word with me. It usually meant that he was leaving. It is always hard for any CEO not to take this personally–even though, quite often, it isn’t personal. But before you bow to what appears inevitable, ask yourself and your colleagues a few key questions.

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