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FB RICE Aust Tech Awards. Credit: Keith Saunders

2023 Australian Tech Competition: And the winners are…

The Australian Technologies Competition (ATC) has unveiled its 2023 winners, highlighting their significant role as innovation champions within Australia. 

Following the recent Cleantech Awards held in Melbourne, the ATC’s event in Sydney buzzed with excitement, celebrating local technology with the potential to make a global impact. Out of nearly a hundred applications, the judges selected ten remarkable winners, recognized for their unwavering dedication to creating innovative solutions that tackle global challenges while promoting sustainability and enhancing our quality of life.

These exceptional winners have demonstrated their ability to revolutionize industries and contribute significantly to societal advancement. Their groundbreaking innovations span a wide array of sectors. Notable examples include glasses that restore vision for the visually impaired and hydrogen-powered scramjet engines. Here’s a comprehensive list of the winners:

  • Advanced Manufacturing: RoboMotion Pty Limited (trading as Verbotics) leads the way with their revolutionary robotic automation for welding, eliminating the need for costly manual programming and democratizing robotic automation for all manufacturers.
  • Cybersecurity & Critical Tech (Web 3.0): Brauz distinguishes itself with technology connecting customers to in-store retail staff, streamlining reservations, locating in-store items, facilitating click-and-collect services, and enabling appointment bookings.
  • Fintech & Regtech: CXEX Pty Ltd leverages the latest advances in AI and machine learning to help businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customer base. Their conversational analytic solutions extract insights and drive data-driven decisions.
  • MedTech & Pharma: Aria Research introduces innovative glasses that restore vision to the visually impaired through technologically enhanced human echolocation.
  • Social Impact: MentorKey offers world-class mentoring, sponsorship, and coaching programs for large corporate entities through a digital platform, delivering tangible impact for employees.
  • Space & Defence: Hypersonix Launch Systems, an aerospace engineering firm specializing in hydrogen-powered reusable scramjet engines and eco-friendly hypersonic flyers with zero CO2 emissions, takes center stage.
  • Water, Food & Agribusiness: Zondii Pty Ltd introduces a global technology that instantly verifies and validates food and fiber through a smartphone, revolutionizing supply chain traceability and global product verification.
  • Alumni Achievement Award: Coviu gains recognition for its all-in-one virtual care engagement platform dedicated to measurement-based care. It offers integrated customizable forms and standardized assessments with automated scoring.
  • Overall Technology Company of the Year: Aria Research secures the prestigious title, underlining their significant contributions to technological advancement.

The celebration of these visionary winners took place at the National Finals & Awards night in Sydney on September 28th, following the Cleantech Finals & Awards ceremony held in Melbourne earlier this month.

The Cleantech Finals & Awards recognized outstanding achievements as well:

  • Cleantech: ON VOL Pty Ltd leads the charge by converting movement into electricity, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply and addressing the issue of battery dependency while powering IoT and wireless sensors.
  • Sustainable Cities, Communities & Transport: Adiona Tech leverages technological advances to provide real-time, dynamic decision support for mobility, transportation, and logistics. Their efforts also aim to minimize the impact of transport and logistics on cities and their residents.
  • Victorian Cleantech Alumni Award Winner: RayGen integrates advanced solar technology with thermal storage to offer proven, reliable, and flexible energy solutions. Their innovations span solar and storage hardware, operating software, manufacturing, and process optimization, presenting a new capability in the fight against climate change.

For additional information about the ATC, please visit www.austechcomp.com.

To learn more about Scalare Partners, explore www.scalarepartners.com.

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