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10 must-haves for road warriors

Whether your office is the local coffee shop or your pickup truck, here are some tools to consider taking along for the ride.

Getting your startup off the ground means getting moving, and we mean that literally. If you’ve finally escaped the cubicle, you’ll need to be prepared to work from pretty much anywhere. Whether you’re working from home or taking to the road (or even the skies), a fully equipped tech toolbox is an essential companion. In that toolbox, you’ll likely need a mobile workstation, a phone, a reliable web connection and a number of other tech gadgets.

Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to survive in the digital hinterlands. If you’re willing to shop around, you’ll find plenty of affordable yet high-quality options for telecommuting like a pro.

Here are our picks for creating an all-terrain office experience:

1. Acer Aspire S3
Forget the flashy MacBook Air or the pricey Sony Vaio Z–this super-thin laptop from Acer sets a new standard for affordability when it comes to ultralight laptops. At a little more than half an inch thick at its thinnest point and weighing less than 3 pounds, the Aspire S3 matches its rivals for portability but bests them on price, with entry-level models starting at $899.

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