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1 in 5 Aussies expected to get swine flu

Swine flu is spreading fast around the country, with up to 150 people infected with the virus.

The number of people infected has increased rapidly over the past couple of days, with a bungle on the P&O cruise ship responsible for an increase in the number of infected passengers.

The cruise ship operator has now apologised to 2000 passengers after positive swine flu tests convinced management to abort the north Queensland cruise.

Crew members and passengers who tested positive to the virus are now in isolation.

Authorities are predicting that the swine flu toll will continue to climb, with Victoria’s acting chief health officer Rosemary Lester saying the virus could infect 20 percent of the population, equating to roughly four million people.

Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon confirmed  yesterday that swine flu has indeed “taken hold” on the country and that the Government was assessing new measures to contain it.

The Government have recommended that people need to take extra precautions to protect themselves, with businesses in particular at risk. Recommendations for businesses include:

  • Keep in touch with the WHO and other health departments on the latest information of the virus.
  • Give staff members regular briefings on the updated conditions of the outbreak.
  • Eliminate non-essential business travel, and seek other forms of non face-to-face communication.
  • Introduce restrictions on customer entry into the workplace.
  • Purchase a number of heath and cleaning products to sanitise the workplace
  • Give employees information about at-home care if they become ill.
  • Keep in touch with Government departments on how the outbreak develops.

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