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Australia’s top earners seek more wealth protection help

Australia’s top earners are seeking the help of private wealth advisors; as busy professionals recognise the value of wealth strategies, but struggle to find time to focus on them personally.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in the past 15 years incomes of high net wealth households have increased by 70 percent. NAB Private Wealth Queensland General Manager David Pourre claims it is important for top earners to develop a robust wealth strategy to ensure continued financial growth.

“Our leading professionals and business owners are some of the busiest and most time-poor individuals in the state, and we’re seeing an increasing number who just don’t have time to work on their wealth strategy.”

NAB Private Wealth client Clive Adams, who is the Chief Operating Officer 
of an airline, explained his decision to trust a local wealth adviser because “you often see the list of services a bank provides, but most of us are too busy to take the first step. You need someone to give you a push and arrange all of these things for you.”

Adams seeks advice on lending, wealth, superannuation and risk strategies.

“These are areas of expertise you don’t get from an accountant, knowledge 
that can make a real difference to your life moving forward, like the best 
way to structure your superannuation.”

“Just having someone to guide you through the process and the direct 
access to essential wealth services is something I would recommend to any 
time-poor individual or business.”

For information visit nab.com.au/privatewealth.

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Liz Trethowan

Liz Trethowan

Elizabeth Trethowan is an intern writer at Dynamic Business. Currently doing her masters in media and communications, she absolutely loves to write. Still enjoying the student lifestyle, she can often be found trying out new recipes in the kitchen or curling up for a good movie with friends.

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