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Ansell wraps latex business into 4-pack

Ansell will split its business into four ‘Global Business Units’ as it redefines its structure away from the the professional, occupational and personal healthcare market segments.

AnsellAnsell’s CEO, Magnus Nicolin emphasised the cost savings of the change, but reiterated the renewed focus the four Global Business Units will give Ansell to best market their core product lines.

“This new GBU/Region matrix will minimise the duplication of products in the different regions thus improving speed to market while reducing complexity in manufacturing and lowering cost” he said.

Ansell’s business unit reshuffle will deliver four business units, Medical, Industrial, New Verticals and Advanced Concepts, plus the Sexual Health & Well Being business unit based in Melbourne.

The new Medical GBU which will be comprised of what Ansell have historically called Professional. The Industrial GBU will be responsible for  verticals such as Automotive, Metal Fabrication /Machinery, Chemical and Pharma.  The New Verticals and Advanced Concepts GBU will be responsible for developing new channels and under-penetrated verticals such as Food, Janitorial/Sanitation, Auto after market, DIY/Construction, First Responders and Military.

In Australia, Peter Carroll, based in Melbourne office will lead the Sexual Health & Well Being GBU which comprises of what was formerly Consumer (minus Household Gloves). This GBU will take up the lead on sexual health brands such as such as SKYN, Lifestyles, Jissbon, and Blowtex and increasing our condom and lubricant market shares globally.

“Ansell is a strong company and with selective acquisitions, simplified operations and an increased focus on under-developed verticals, fast growing markets, and innovation, we can reach new heights of growth and profitability” Magnus Nicolin concluded.

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