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Teleworking has become the latest business phenomenon, with both employers and employees quickly realising the benefits of being able to work outside the office.

With recent research finding that companies embracing teleworkers are more likely to see a rise in revenue and more productive employees than businesses with employees confined to traditional office environments, it’s no surprise that teleworking continues to grow in popularity.

However, the reality of teleworking is that you have to work harder to keep in contact with colleagues, associates, and customers. Working from home or cafes, rather than a central office location, means that face-to-face meetings can sometimes be difficult to arrange.

Luckily, new technologies provide ample opportunity to effectively work with – or even manage – a virtual team, and these days getting equipped to work remotely doesn’t have to mean significant investment.

Of course, the easiest way to conduct business is through video conferencing, and all it takes to stay connected is Skype.

Skype has recently launched its new prepaid cards in Australia, making it easier than ever to make and receive calls from your entire team, no matter where you’re working – even when you’re away on business overseas.

Available in values of either $10 or $25 from Australia Post outlets and a number of other retailers, the prepaid cards help employees work effectively.

With just a $10 prepaid Skype card, you can spend up to 400 minutes connected to multiple colleagues around the world at once with low rates. You can call mobiles and landlines, send texts, and buy subscriptions. Skype also removes the hassle and delay of email, letting you have quick, instant chats with one or more of your colleagues in real time.

If your business takes you outside the home for long periods of time, immediate access to internet is key, and Skype prepaid cards also allow you to access millions of WiFi hotspots around the world.

Learn more about how Skype prepaid cards can make teleworking easier here.

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