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Most business software applications are created to produce a set of financial records, and do not focus on how the business actually created that result.  Instead of focusing on and managing the business process with real data, they simply watch the bottom line, informing management of a company’s financial condition long after it has conducted its business.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the key to effectively managing a multitude of business processes across an organisation.  The time and resources spent on administration in supporting multiple software applications across different departments can be eradicated with one ERP package.

An ERP system uses the concept of ‘workflow’.  Quite simply, this means “doing things in the correct order”.  Having workflow built into your business management system is like having in-built quality control.  Once you have established the right way to conduct all aspects of your business, you can build these into the system.

Business owners are finding that software programs which have been ‘good enough’ in the past are not able to grow with them as their business expands, leading to an inflexibility that eventually hinders the working cycle and efficiency of the business as a whole.

A good ERP system, on the other hand, can save a significant amount of money on administration in the long run because ERP ties together all facets of a business, and is able to provide unique insight into managing the company.

Jim2® Business Engine is designed specifically to take advantage of ERP. The software helps the business drive down costs, manage data more effectively and operate more efficiently.

For example, Jim2® Business Engine provides a quality system framework and a front-end interface to manage business workflow and processes, representing a substantial move away from running businesses via standard accounting software.

Jim2® Business Engine is aimed at reducing administration costs, automating processes, producing meaningful reports and business intelligence for better operational management and growing your business.

For information on how Jim2® Business Engine can help you grow your business, contact Happen Business today on (02) 9570 4696 or visit www.happen.biz

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