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Deputy launches advanced social workplace management platform

Deputy has unveiled its latest version of its workplace management system, which allows businesses to run tasking, scheduling and communications in a single cloud-based platform. The 2.0 version of its offering allows businesses to:

  • enable each employee to create their own web-based work profile and ID, boosting engagement and enabling efficient management of staff.
  • easily undertake communications between managers and teams to ensure important information is shared quickly and effectively.
  • sign up for a free version of Deputy, which allows you to run tasks, create schedules, and communicate with colleagues.

“We have really focused on ensuring that Deputy is as simple as possible for any business to use,” said Deputy CEO Nathan Brumby.

“We recognise that all businesses have daily tasks and deadlines to meet and we wanted to make our enhanced offering an intuitive and effective experience for both managers and employees. Our development team has also focused on ensuring that creating a work schedule, creating a new task, and communicating across an organisation involves the minimum number of clicks of the button.

Our customers are now accessing our product via the web, smartphone and iPad, and we have built the new Deputy with those access devices in mind.”

Deputy has also split its products into two, offering a free version for those organisations that want to undertake work scheduling, task management, and make announcements.  The professional version includes timesheet management and automatic export of that data to many payroll systems.

“We believe there are many community, social and not-for-profit organisations that would benefit greatly from using Deputy,” said Brumby. “Our goal is to provide a social good to those organisations and let them experience the power of our offering.”

“We already have more than 125 businesses in Australia using Deputy and most of them are SMB’s,” Brumby said. “We believe any SMB with casual or remotely located staff can transform their operations by using our platform.”

Brumby said the team of Deputy user experience designers and software developers, based in Sydney, had worked hard to complete its latest offering. He said the Deputy approach of managing the daily challenges of running a successful operation was a little different to its competitors, both here and overseas.

“The US market has many players who are trying to tackle the workflow, shift scheduling, and task management space, while in Australia there are many providers focused on the so-called time and attendance management market,” Brumby said. “Our approach is to make the software as human as possible, and embed it into the daily work life of everyone, making it an essential tool for any business seeking to streamline their operations.”

Brumby also said by choosing the best cloud computing technology in the market, they were also able to make Deputy affordable to any business in the market, both here and around the world.

“Deputy was built from scratch in the cloud and by using Amazon Web Services technology we can be flexible and stay at the edge of innovation. We will continue to enhance our offering and bring in new features in response to customer feedback.”


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